Police raided the home of Human Rights Association (İHD) Chair Eren Keskin's mother last night (December 3).

The raid was conducted because of an investigation into Keskin over a speech she made in the southeastern Dersim province two and a half years ago, Keskin told bianet.

As she wasn't at home, police called Keskin by phone and summoned her to give a statement, she said and added that she will depose on Tuesday.

Her mother's home is registered as her residential address, so that the police raided not her but her mother's home, Keskin explained.

"My mother wasn't at home, but my sister was. Police officers came an hour ago because I had to testify," she said, adding that the investigation against her was for "terror propaganda."

"But what does it mean to come to my home at this hour? A statement at this hour? I would go to testify had they summoned me verbally. Moreover, my lawyer friends got power of attorney," said the lawyer. "Call me and I'll come. They called me after raiding the home."