Human Rights Program - Harvard Law School: Visiting Fellows Program

Fellows spend from one semester to a full academic year (preference for candidates who can commit to a full academic year) in residence at the Law School and devote the majority of their time to research and writing on a specific human rights topic. During this time, they may also audit courses in human rights and related subjects.


Digital Defenders Partnership: Incidental Emergency Grants

Urgent needs such as a website or email being hacked, or the theft or loss of sensitive data and equipment. This type of grant could, for example, provide a safe internet connection, replace damaged or stolen equipment, or a security training. 

(Maximum grant is 10,000EUR for 4 months)



Columbia University: Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability (AHDA) Fellowship Program

Opportunity to engage in training, networking, project work, and academic study in historical dialogue and related fields at Columbia University in New York City for the fall semester. The comprehensive fellowship program provides fellows with the opportunity to hone practical skills in fundraising, advocacy and leadership; to develop a deeper understanding of and engagement with the past; and to foster mutually beneficial relationships with their peers and with international and non-profit organizations based in New York and Washington, D.C.

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